Thank’s Rory!

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Thank’s Rory!

Over the 31 years since Rory Best first took up mini rugby at Rifle Park, he has been an incredible source of pride for everyone at Banbridge Rugby Club.
Although Rory always showed great promise at mini rugby and later with our U-14s and U-16s no-one would ever have thought that he was embarking on such an illustrious playing career.
And throughout his time as a professional rugby player he has been such an inspiration, not just to the younger players at Banbridge, but to all young players in Ulster and Ireland.
His dedication, self-discipline and leadership qualities are without question. But what has delighted everyone at Banbridge has been his readiness, throughout his career, not just to acknowledge his roots, but to return to the club and give of his time coaching individuals and squads.
It would of course be our wish that in his retirement from the professional game, Rory would have more time to give the benefit of his vast knowledge of the game to the current crop of players at the club. But for now we would just thank him for all he has done to put the name of Banbridge on the international rugby map and to let him enjoy a period of rest and recuperation after the World Cup.


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