Get to know the people around the club- Colin Bickerstaff

Colin Bickerstaff- Photo

Colin Bickerstaff- Under 18 Coach

Whats your proudest accomplishment?– Tree hut I built as a kid, it was epic

Whats the last movie you went to see?– Black Mass

What did you want to be when you were small?– A Fireman

If you could choose anything to do for a day what would it be?– Super Sunday with no work on the Monday

What would you sing at a Karaoke night?– Ronan Keating, you say it best.  But id need the lads to help me

What 3 items would you take with you on a deserted Island?– Bottle a wine, a Grahams ice cream and a shot gun

Are you related to anyone famous?–Simon McKinstry.

What was your 1st job?– Gathering spuds.

Who is the most intelligent person you know?– Neil young.  He knows everything

What is your favourite memory?– The day I got engaged was a good un.  In rugby terms just every time I pulled on the Bann shirt is a special memory.


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