Friends Winners 2014-15


With the Friends BBQ and final draw on Saturday 13th June here is a list of the Winners so Far

1/11/14- T. Dawson £1k, R. Reid £150, £50 Rollover

15/11/14- P. Graham £1k, G. Kelly £150, £100 Rollover

27/12/14- B. Waugh £1k, S. Mooney £150, £150 Rollover

24/1/15- D. Rankin £1k, B. Bell £150, £200 Rollover

21/2/15- M. Chambers £1k, J. McCreevy £150, £250 Rollover

7/3/15- R. Ervine £1k, L. O’Hare £150, £300 Rollover

11/4/15- G. Scott £1k, E. McKee £150, £350 Rollover

So there is still a £1k, £150 & £400 to be won in the final draw. All Friends get in for your free Steak BBQ.



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