Tours 1997-1999

The English flag


The re-emergence of a social XV Touring Side was the brainchild of Lyle Cairns back in 1997. On that occasion the destination was Oldham and a match was played against Dukinfield 2nd XV. This match, which the “Socials” lost 10-7 is memorable for two things; (1) the quagmire of pitch and (2) Stevie Gilmore’s touchline conversion.

Duckinfield were great hosts in what is traditionally a rugby league area. Photographs were taken and it is believed the camera did make it back to Northern Ireland but unfortunately its present whereabouts or the photos remains a mystery.

The tourists were; Lyle Cairns, Paul Cairns, Brian Clinghan, Nigel Craig, Stevie Cross, Marc Eadie, Davy Edwards, Michael Ewbanks, Geoff Frazer, Stevie Gilmore, Austin Hewitson, Andy Jelly, Wayne Kerrigan, Alan McDowell, Leslie Mulholland, Geoff Mulligan, George Scott, Michael Sneddon and Cyril Woods.

Captain for the match was Lyle Cairns.


NEWCASTLE 1998The English flag

When Lyle Cairns moved on to greater things a stalwart band of dedicated tourists decided to keep the “Socials” alive. Lyle was however, able to make the journey east to join up with the tour.

The 1998 tour was organised for December, the destination Newcastle upon Tyne. It seemed like a good idea at the time to go by sea and bring our own coach with us. A good idea until the snow started! Interest was such that the tour party had to be extended to 29 players, officials and alikadoos. Morpeth Edwardians XV was the opposition and even though the match was lost the overall tour was a great success.

The tourists were; Angus Bicker, Timo Brown, Lyle Cairns, Paul Cairns, Stevie Carlton, Dale Carson, Brian Clinghan, Stevie Cross, Kris Eadie, Davy Edwards, Michael Ewbanks, Stevie Gilmore, Austin Hewitson, Jonathon Hewitson, Mark Irwin, Andy Jelly, Gareth Jelly, Wayne Kerrigan, Tony Lenaghan, Johnny Maxwell, Alan McDowell, John McIlwaine, Barney McKevitt, Stevie Nelson, James Porter, George Scott, Ian Scott, Michael Sneddon and Neil Williamson.

Captain for the match was Paul Cairns.


Tubs relaxes pre match.


Mark and Angus discuss tactics.


Evidence that there was snow on the ground!


Barney up to his usual tricks.


Contesting lineout as Neil Williamson prepares to pounce.


The tour crew………well most of them!


All aboard.


A quiet moment of reflection.


Stevies favourite position.


CARDIFF 1999The Welsh flag

Cardiff was the destination in November 1999 when Treherbert 2nd XV played host to the tour party. By popular demand the “Social XV” travelled under the name of the “Blue Sox XV”. Hoping for a first away win it wasn’t to be but the tourists gave a good account of themselves both on and off the pitch and certainly enjoyed the hospitality of the Treherbert club and the people of Cardiff.

The usual tour Court was convened in very unconventional circumstances. The Judge was His Honour Pete McQuaid.

The tourists were; James Boone, Timo Brown, Paul Cairns, Brian Clinghan, Kris Eadie, Davy Edwards, Michael Ewbanks, Stevie Gilmore, Sandy Heak, Austin Hewitson, Oliver Howe, Andy Jelly, Gareth Jelly, Wayne Kerrigan, Mark Lewis, Johnny Maxwell, Alan McDowell, Barney McKevitt, Pete McQuaid, Leslie Mulholland, Stevie Nelson, James Porter, George Scott, Ian Scott, Michael Sneddon, Damian Tucker and Adam Waugh

Captain for the match was Paul Cairns.


Tour crew on arrival in Treherbert.


Just before kick off.


Fred, Kris and the boot.


Herb salutes, Leslie huffs.


Sandy, Herb, Johnny, Stevie, Kris, James and Fred.


George advising the younger members on their game.


Barney and Mark.


Fred and Luxy.


Damian explains his stitches to Sandy and Barney.


Sandy rerunning a lineout with Fred.


The boot does the rounds.


Steive zeros in.


Sandy after the boot.


A Treherbert player after the boot.