Health and Safety Policy

Banbridge RFC Health and Safety Policy.

The Management of Banbridge RFC, being the Executive Committee, are committed to compliance with the Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 and in doing so will provide for all its members an environment that is as safe and healthy as is reasonably practical and will comply with all relevant statutory requirements.

Banbridge RFC will provide a safe system of operation through the provision of appropriate information, instruction, training (where necessary) and supervision.

The co-operation of every member is expected and all members are reminded that statutory obligations are the minimum standard for which they are responsible.

The provisions of this Policy will apply to all Banbridge RFC members, visitors and outside agencies such as contractors, utility providers, et cetera and to any agency that may from time to time have to affect deliveries or to service equipment which is located on the premises at Rifle Park.

The Chairman will ensure that:

  • Resources are made available so that the Safety Policy can be carried out efficiently.
  • The members of the Executive Committee are fully aware of their responsibilities in relation to adequate occupational safety and health.
  • All members are accountable for their performance in relation to occupational safety and health.
  • The Safety Policy is reviewed regularly and its operation monitored.


The Executive Committee will ensure that:

  • Safe systems and practises are incorporated into all activities in the club
  • All activities are continually monitored and that any potential unhealthy or dangerous practices are reported and eradicated
  • Any specialist or health and safety training, if required, is discussed, authorised and put into practise.
  • Any wilful breach of safety rules is reported and that the club disciplinary procedure is activated if it is deemed necessary.


The Grounds Convenor will ensure that:

  • Machinery such as grass mowers are used only by authorised and experienced personnel.
  • All equipment and machinery is securely locked away when not in use
  • The premises are properly secured when not in use and not available for anyad hoc activities.
  • Third party contractors do not commence work of any kind unless evidence of insurance and safety legislation compliance is forthcoming.In his absence the Grounds Convenor will request a member of the Executive Committee to deputise.
  • Any incursion or unauthorised entry is prevented and, if unable to prevent such, will report such incursion to PSNI.
  • A fully-equipped first aid kit is available on site at all times.
  • Waste and refuse are managed and collected by the appropriate agency.


The Secretary will ensure that:

  • Safety Policy is circulated to the appropriate personnel and that it is widely available in the club through notice boards, team managers, etc.
  • Any amendments to the Safety Policy as may be made from time to time are included in an updated version as soon as possible.
  • Any discussion, reports or suggestions relating to the Safety Policy which are raised at Executive Committee meetings are recorded and actioned
  • Any Accident Reports et cetera are retained as club records and reported outside the club as decided by the Executive Committee.
  • Any correspondence relating to Health and Safety is brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and any subsequent actions are recorded.


The Club Steward will ensure that:

  • All functions in the clubhouse have the prior authorisation of the Executive Committee.
  • The documentation in relation to the booking of functions is properly completed prior to the function taking place.
  • Where appropriate, door personnel are in place for functions, with the exception of after match activities.
  • That all non-members entering the clubhouse for functions sign the guest book prior to entering the inner premises.
  • There is a senior club member present to supervise the function.
  • The toilets and dance floor are inspected at regular intervals and that all spillages are immediately cleaned up.
  • Guests do not bring any items onto the premises which could endanger other guests.
  • All functions are closely supervised and that guests do not engage in ‘horse play’ of any kind.
  • Persons using disco or musical equipment comply with any instructions from the supervisor.
  • Non-members who are allowed to prepare functions do not climb above ground level.


Coaches and Management will ensure that:

  • All coaching activities in the various sections are carried out according to guidelines laid down by the Club Coach.
  • Sufficient coaches are available to ensure safe supervision of any particular section.
  • Specialist equipment such as weights, scrummaging machines, tackle bags, etc. are used only if there are qualified supervisors present.
  • Weight training is not permitted in the under-age sections.
  • Under-age members are not allowed to engage in ‘horse play’ either on the club premises or on transport hired by the club.
  • Persons who are not paid-up members are not allowed to use the club’s facilities.
  • Medical kits are immediately available for both training and matches.


Members will ensure that:

  • They are aware of the provisions of the Safety Policy and that they operate within those provisions at all times.
  • They take no action which could endanger either themselves or their fellow-members.
  • They are familiar with the location of fire extinguishers.
  • They are familiar with all fire exits on the club premises.
  • They comply with any safety directives which may be issued from time to time.



James Magowan- Health and Safety Officer BRFC

Marc Eadie- Hon. Secretary BRFC