Banbridge RFC- AGM Nominations 2015

The Banbridge RFC facility for hire building
Banbridge RFC Facility Hire

Nominations for the Annual General Meeting on 20th May 2015

President– (Nominee) Alan Harvey, (Proposer) David Dodds, (Seconder) John Best

Vice President– (Nominee) John Ewart, (Proposer) Alan Harvey, (Seconder) Andy Duke

Junior Vice President

Hon Secretary– (Nominee) Marc Eadie, (Proposer) Alan Harvey, (Seconder) John Best

Hon Membership Secretary– (Nominee) Simon McKinstry, (Proposer) Marc Eadie, (Seconder) Andy Duke

Hon Treasurer– (Nominee) Sam Grattan, (Proposer) David Dodds, (Seconder) Alan Harvey

Hon Fixtures Secretary– (Nominee) Paul Cairns, (Proposer) Andy Duke, (Seconder) Raymond Thompson

Rep to Ulster Branch– (Nominee) Simon Best, (Proposer) Andy Duke, (Seconder) David Dodds

Competitions Com Rep– (Nominee) Raymond Thompson, (Proposer) Alan Harvey, (Seconder) Marc Eadie

Bar Convenor– (Nominee) Mark Fisher, (Proposer) Alan Harvey, (Seconder) Tim Honeyford

Grounds Convenor

House Convenor– (Nominee) Tim Honeyford, (Proposer) Raymond Thompson, (Seconder) David Dodds

AIL Clubs Committee Rep– (Nominee) Simon Best, (Proposer) Andy Duke, (Seconder) Tim Honeyford

Public Relations Officer– (Nominee) Robin McGloughlin, (Proposer) Alan Harvey, (Seconder) Marc Eadie

Director of Rugby– (Nominee) Andy Duke, (Proposer) David Dodds, (Seconder) Raymond Thompson

Volunteer Coordinator

1st XV Captain


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