Pitches marked for the 1st time this season

PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 11

Pitch marking commenced today with Alan Harvey, Philip Mehaffey, Ali Campbell, Raymond McKinstry, Noel Thompson & Derek Moorhead plus Lorna McKinstry & Charmaine Mehaffey providing excellent refreshments.

The club as a whole is truly grateful for your efforts today and what you lads/ ladies do throughout the season. NO PITCHES……..NO MATCHES!!!!

So if you spot them around the club this season why don’t you go over and give them a big hug…..

PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 10 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 9  PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 6 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 5 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 4 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 2 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 12 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 3 PHOTO-2018-08-13-15-24-08 7


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