New Club Steward Role @ Banbridge RFC

Banbridge Rugby & Football Club Executive Committee have come to the decision to appoint a Club Steward. This decision has not been taken lightly and has been discussed for a few months. With the Club as busy as it is now we are pushing more and more work on our valued volunteers and we believe that this decision will benefit our club in all aspects.

Our new Club Steward will be Mark Fisher and he will start his tenure on 31stDecember 2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Having worked in the retail and hospitality trades for many years I have recently decided to take early retirement from my career vocation so that I could return home to Northern Ireland. Having relocated to Northern Ireland in 2002 with Debenhams to manage the Castlecourt store in Belfast my family settled in Banbridge and made the town our home. In 2016 my wife Katrina and I left Banbridge behind for a new opportunity across the water leaving our son Elliot and many friends behind us. Even though our son Jake had made is home in England Katrina and I found ourselves longing to return to the Bann, this came to fruition when we moved into our new home in Donaghcloney in December.

We know that you used to be involved with the club before leaving for work reasons for a few years. In what way were you involved with the club?

I had been known to take to the field myself and one of my great life milestones was having the great pleasure of taking to the field with my sons Elliot & Jake, I’m sure there are many of you who know how much pleasure this gives.

I moved from the junior to senior committee and had two spells as bar convenor, I know first hand how much this role can demand on a volunteer committee person. A big shout out to those you have held this role over the years.

What is the Club Steward Role?

The new role of Club Steward will ensure that the great work that is currently carried out by many volunteer’s across the club will be brought together into one role so that the club can continue to move forward and offer a great welcome and further develop its well known hospitality throughout the province’s.

The role of Club Steward should add value to club members and ensure that if members have any concerns they can approach me at any time and know that their concerns views and opinions will always be followed through.

What do you think you can bring to the role?

As many of my friends and family know I get great pleasure by planning organising and ensuring everyone has a great time, this is exactly what I will bring to the Club Steward role.

Are there any other parts of the club that interest you?

I hope to retain my role supporting Andy Craig and the 3rd’s as I enjoy this and I feel this is some way of me giving back to a club that has meant so much to me over the years.

Can you see a change in the club in the years you have been away?

I can see in the last 3 years  I’ve been away from Banbridge the club has moved on significantly and I know the Executive Committee have some exciting plans for the future and it gives me great pleasure to be working with them again to continue on the success of BRFC.

Well that’s all folks, look forward to giving you a warm welcome in the coming weeks.


Mark Fisher

Banbridge RFC Club Steward

+44 7738 357498




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